Could your job give you a heart attack

Pressure only seems to grow with every day on the job. Your work is never done. Customers are never happy. You can never do enough for your boss. You end up working late nights, scrambling to meet endless deadlines and picking up the slack when your coworkers can’t get their own work done on time.

Cardiologists warn, as heart issues take more lives in the United States than cancer, that stress on the job is terrible for your heart. If you have high blood pressure and related issues, one of the first things your doctor will tell you is to reduce your stress.

With the way people tend to work in the U.S., though, that may feel impossible. We love our deadlines and our schedules. We value nothing more than production. Setting new achievement records isn’t cause for celebration, but simply an indicator that someone needs to do even better next time.

Is this really a healthy way to live? Stress is very, very hard on your body. Could it lead to a heart attack, a stroke or other related issues?

Signs that the stress is too much

Some stress is natural in almost any job. How do you know if it is too much? Here are a few potential signs:

You can’t fall asleep at night. Even when you do, you do not sleep well.
Your blood pressure goes up far too high, especially at work.
You can feel your palms sweating and your heart working overtime.
You always feel like you’re exhausted and there’s no end to it.
You’re cranky and difficult to get along with. You get in arguments with family members and close friends. You can’t concentrate on anything outside of work. You’re always thinking about how much you still have to do, even when you’re at work. You tend to get sick a lot more often than other people you know. It also takes longer to get over some of these sicknesses, even if they’re minor. You turn to stress eating, often eating far more unhealthy food than you should. You use alcohol to self-medicate. This doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic, but you drink more wine than you should with dinner, trying anything you can to relax. These are not all of the signs, but they help give you an idea of what you should watch out for. Heart attacks at work If you do end up having a heart attack at work, even if you survive, it can have a drastic impact on your life. Make sure you understand all of your legal options.

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