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Helping injured workers collect the pay and benefits they are entitled to.

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Holding employers accountable for protecting workers? rights on the job.

Wage and Hour Claims

Making sure workers get paid every dollar they have earned.


Personal Injury

Helping the injured receive full and fair compensation they deserve.

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We Bring Recovery for the Injured After Accidents on or off the Job or Unlawful Employment Practices

California’s legal system can be overwhelming and confusing. The procedural and legal nuances surrounding California’s Workers’ Compensation, employment, wage and hour and personal injury laws are complex and often overwhelming during an injury. An aggrieved worker’s best chance at achieving a favorable resolution of his or her case is by retaining an experienced, aggressive and skilled attorney. In California, that lawyer is Michael Burgis and his team of skilled associates.

MB&A staff and attorneys listen to your account of the situation, investigate the surrounding facts, evaluate your case and pursue a path which holds employers, insurers and even individuals accountable. You generally should not sign any paperwork from anyone until you have had a chance to seek legal counsel and know your rights. Call our office to know your rights and obtain advocacy.

Taking on Employers and Insurance Companies at Each Point in the Process

Our primary goal is to make you whole by obtaining compensation for your physical, emotional and financial setbacks. We achieve this goal by being extremely proactive and aggressive in handling your case. We review the pertinent facts and analyze your situation to determine the appropriate strategy moving forward. We make sure that you obtain the necessary medical treatment, coordinate your medical appointments and advise you in applying for any supplemental benefits for which you may be eligible, such as unemployment benefits, State Disability Insurance benefits, or Social Security benefits.

"I can honestly say that every attorney that works for our firm and goes up against Michael Burgis agrees that he fights for his clients and is very well respected."

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