The Law

The Law

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that offers monetary awards and benefits to employees who suffer from a work related injury, accident or illness. You can receive benefits for a wide variety of work related injuries, including: back problems, eyesight deterioration, falls, broken bones, lung disorders, amputations; and cancer.

A work injury can be caused by any number of reasons, such as poor working conditions, heavy lifting, repetitive motions, defective machinery or exposure to toxic chemicals. Since your compensation amount depends on having a qualified work injury lawyer in your corner, you want an attorney committed to your success. You want us.

I was injured at work. Now what?

After a work accident or work related injury, you want to consult a work injury lawyer immediately. You should be aware of your rights, the time frame you have to file a claim, and how to present the strongest claim you can. A competent work injury attorney like those in our firm will secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

What if my work accident was my fault?

You do not have to prove whose fault your work accident was to receive workers compensation. You are entitled to benefits regardless of who or what caused your work injury.

You may be entitled to:

  • Disability payments for up to two thirds of your wages
  • Compensation for medical care and expenses
  • Rehabilitation payments
  • Monetary compensation for a permanent work related injury; and
  • Training for a new role or position

Taking on Employers and Insurance Companies at Each Point in the Process

Our primary goal is to make you whole by obtaining compensation for your physical, emotional and financial setbacks. We achieve this goal by being extremely proactive and aggressive in handling your case. We review the pertinent facts and analyze your situation to determine the appropriate strategy moving forward. We make sure that you obtain the necessary medical treatment, coordinate your medical appointments and advise you in applying for any supplemental benefits for which you may be eligible, such as unemployment benefits, State Disability Insurance benefits, or Social Security benefits.

"I can honestly say that every attorney that works for our firm and goes up against Michael Burgis agrees that he fights for his clients and is very well respected."

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